P.s. Grammar Nazis…. this will hurt.

Welcome! I’m assuming you are here because we are friends, you like soap and you’re curious. Or maybe you are here for my favorite reason….You hate my guts and are here to critique and judge. Have no fear fans, I will give you plenty!  I am Mandy. My close friends and family call me Mae. Or as the littles say it, “Mae Mae!!”.  I’m a lover of animals, the smell of old books and bookstores (although they make me sneeze)  good coffee, a great southern drawl, family, fabulous (but few) friends and dirt. I really love dirt. Maybe that’s why I love soap. Can’t have the yin without the yang. I’m madly in love with an eccentric fella with an unruly beard. I kinda wanna set him on fire some days but I’m told that’s normal. My proudest achievement on this earth is my incredibly compassionate and handsome son. He went off and found himself a beautiful wife. She is worth far more than rubies. They gave us all a gift when our precious granddaughter was born. Honestly, I’m not scared of much but I’m  little terrified of this child. I’m stubborn and strongwilled, but she makes me look like a complete doormat. I couldn’t be more proud.  My mama raised me and my sisters. She’s still giving us hell. She is love. And cornbread. Love and cornbread.  I love my Jesus and four letter words. If it bothers you that I put those things in the same sentence, well…..pray for me. I’m a work in progress. We live on our 5 ½ acre homestead in the sticks. We moved here nearly two years ago. We just got plumbing in September. Don’t worry, I’ll elaborate about all the fun we’ve had in a later blog.  And in case y’all forgot…… I make soap.