About Mae Soap Company

I want to thank you so much for supporting my small business dreams! I’m so thankful for people like you. You will notice that some of your packaging is minimal or reused. While you will have some plastic packaging, we are constantly looking for ways to reduce and reuse. Because of that, packaging will vary as we strive to “Use what we got”.  This means sometimes reusing the packaging from any items we receive and using up the bags and materials we ordered before we got serious about reducing.

Your scents and colors will fade over time as we also do not use artificial scents and colors. We started this journey to combat our own skin issues and so that is not likely to ever change. We understand if you like bright colors and fruity fragrances and we support your decision to do so!

Your labels will be minimal and thin as we try to keep away from glues and a large amount of chemicals.

Mae is a home-based business started by two absolutely, insane homesteaders. No! We mean it, we are crazy! You have to be to do the things we do! We are still learning and expect to make a lot of mistakes so we hope you will hang in there with us. Because we love what we do!

Thank you!!!