Ya know what’s better than a true, loyal, honest and trustworthy friend? Absolutely.Nothing. Nope, not even chocolate. Nor that other thing you’re thinking about now. Oh…and not that one either, you dirty girl! (Mandy has soap for that, by the way.)


But seriously, hear me out. Because I honestly believe that a friend like the one I describe might actually be our very own earthly angel, sent to us straight from whatever greater being you may believe in. Think about it. Who’s your go-to person when you just got gut-punched by life? And you don’t know how to get up…or if you even want to. It’s her!


Thinking of that led me to think about something else. Am I that kind of friend? Does someone out there think of me as their go-to person when they need a lifeline? And more importantly, have I proven myself worthy of being that person?


I often told my daughter growing up that “to have a friend, you must first be a friend.” And I stand by that today. So if my friends are in any way a reflection of the kind of friend I am, I’m doing pretty damn well.


I know that because I have been the recipient of those gut-punches more times than I care to count. There have been heartbreaks of the romantic kind, heartaches one can only know as a parent, betrayals by those I thought were friends, and maybe worst of all, that crushing beast of depression. No matter the monster I was facing, the time of day or the location, my angels always showed up – in whatever way they were able, to share their spiritual gifts with me, to stand in the gap for me, and sometimes it seemed, to be my very breath. I pray they can say the same about me.


Y’all, the greatest and most meaningful gifts we can give are our time, our attention and our presence in whatever form we are able. And if you have angels in your life that do that for you, I’ll ask you again, what’s better than a true, honest, loyal and trustworthy friend? That’s what I thought. Be one to have one.



And be sure to remind your best “Galentine” how valued they are on this Valentine’s Day …. you may be the only one that does!


Tracey Gilley

A friend to Gals